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5 January 2010

Boxes and bags

Somehow the notion that I was only going to take 3 boxes and a backpack to my brothers following my house move now seems like a bit of a joke. I've managed to fill up his spare room. I'll be spending the next few weeks on an air mattress that I've managed to blow up higher on one side. I keep waking up thinking I'm about to roll down a hill. I'm adding more things on my to do list than removing. But I did get my day pack today (thanks Brew and D), a padlock for hostel lockers and a pack of about 20 adapters for my plugs - every country in South America seems to take a different adapter... annoying. I still haven't bought my camera and my diary is filling up fast with last minute catch ups with friends. 
I can almost taste that Bloody Mary (actually make it a Filthy Mary) when I get on that plane...
19 days to go!

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