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31 January 2010

Musical madness


Am not an Acca Dacca fan by any stretch of the imagination but a 60-something year old Angus Young was amazing and they seriously rocked. 35,000 people at Wellington stadium on Thursday night, most pumping their fists in the air to the music, had a pretty good time.

The night started with an interesting train ride. The Mongrel Mob boarded the train and we were met by four police cars at Petone station. The police seemed a bit wary about dragging them off so we sat there for ages wondering whether we would make the concert. There were mobsters everywhere all wanting a bit of Acca Dacca.. the guy across from us who must have weighed 400 pounds, wearing way too much leather, serious press studds and a Mob bandanna told us he would look after us if anything happened. Geezer and Matt looked calm while Marg and I chuckled nervously.

The stadium was surrounded by police frisking Mongrel Mobsters. Geezer wanted a photo with two Mobsters.. One happily obliged while the other - with MOBSTER tattooed across his forehead - muttered 'yeah hurry up' before striking a mean looking pose.
But the night belonged to the music and the AC/DC gig won't be forgotten in a hurry..



Kommander said...

That is the greatest photo ever - something to aspire to geezer!

Shakey said...

Good to see that things have not changed since leaving Australia! Love the photo Geezer... maybe i could post another similar i have of you to compliment!

All the best guys... looking forward to following your travels