Lodgey and Life on the Road. Stories from South America.

12 January 2010

Noah's disorganised Ark

Somewhere, amidst all the chaos, a little voice is reciting a mantra over and over in my head... 'just keep swimming'.... 'just keep swimming'.

Am still busy sorting and packing my possessions (which I am STILL trying to fit into three boxes).. 1 of those, 2 of those, 3 of them... nope you don't need another pair of shoes... put that back.

I know when people say 'you must be excited', that I should feels excited but right now it is more about organising the chaos and making it to the finish line. I'm quite tired. I feel like I'm expecting a baby, waiting for the impending birth, except that hopefully travelling wont involve changing any nappies. But then it is South America and not only is their drinking water dodgy, the cooks on tours have no qualms about washing vegetables in mucky water.

I leave next week for countries that don't speak english, have weird and wonderful food, bad toilets and no toilet paper (am making the most of sitting on pristine toilet bowls while I still can).  But they also have the friendliest people and some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Bring it on!


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