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10 March 2010

The most excited a human can possibly be

If it is possible to be more excited than I am right now, I can't imagine it. Yesterday we arrved in Ushuaia, Argentina where our Antarctic trip leaves from. Our hostel overlooks the channel where the boats sail out to the Antarctic. On one side is Chile and the other side is Argentina. It is beautiful.

It's 10 degrees here. 4 degrees on Friday predicted. It's a nice change to be out of the heat.

Tomorrow we leave our hostel and meet the rest of our tour. I always feel a bit nervous meeting up with a tour because you just pray that there aren't going to be any dickheads. We will be spending the next 12 days in close quarters with these people sharing the trip of a lifetime.

Today we trekked up to the Martial Glacier which was also pretty nice. The view from the top was fantastic. Came back to the hostel and hit the red wine and cheese. Can life get any better than this? I have an overwhelming urge to scream out ya-hoooooo! Wait till I get on that boat!

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