Lodgey and Life on the Road. Stories from South America.

5 February 2010

The right place at the right time

Everything seems hidden away in Olinda. Not many visible places to eat so we have relied on our Lonely Planet. On its recommendation, last night we went in search of a pizzeria. We looked everywhere – even asking the police and tourist guides who all sent us in a different direction - and still couldn’t find it. So we bought some beers and plonked ourselves on a door step to contemplate our next move. I hate giving in to a challenge so we decided to have another look. A car then pulled up and the owners of the doorstep got out. They pointed us in the right direction – hidden down a partially blocked off laneway.

We sat with the local publican and his mates to eat our pizzas. Some guys carrying a trumpet, trombone and a tuba stopped to have a drink. Curiosity got the better of us and we followed them in to a hall where an orchestra was practicing in preparation for Carnaval. Toddlers and children were dancing capoeira to the beat like experts. No one seemed to mind that we were the only white people in there. We were in for a treat. The music was upbeat and fantastic.

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Clare said...

Nice work dodgy! xxx